The ‘painful truth’ behind Queen Elizabeth II’s gift to Meghan Markle

The jewellery that Meghan Markle sports during public engagements that are linked to the Royal Family show that the Duchess of Sussex “never quite made it into the royal bling ring”, it has been claimed. A commentator suggested that some pieces that Meghan wore over time are incomparable with Kate, the Princess of Wales’ collection in terms of size and value.

In a comment article titled “Kate Middleton’s expensive jewellery highlights painful truth for Meghan Markle”, journalist Daniela Elser spoke about some accessories the Princess of Wales had on this week.

Kate had a pair of earrings that were made using pearls that were given to Queen Elizabeth II for her 1947 wedding by the Hakim of Bahrain.

Queen Elizabeth II had sported the earrings herself on a number of big occasions and for the occasional portrait.

The Princess of Wales was also seen with a four-row pearl and diamond choker at the Festival of Remembrance event.

Then, the following day, accessorised her Catherine Walker coat dress with large pearl and diamond earrings that came to her via Queen Elizabeth.

The pieces, the journalist suggested, are valued “at more than the gross GDP of a small country”.

The Princess wore the same combination of earrings and choker at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, while Meghan Markle, also had some jewellery derived from the late monarch on.

But, in comparison, Kate’s jewellery was worth a lot more than those of the Duchess, Ms Elser claimed. 

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She added: “[At the funeral] Meghan also paid tribute to Her Majesty by similarly wearing a pair of diamond and pearl earrings that had been given to her by her grandmother-in-law.

“Same same but not at all. Look at images of the royal WAGs side-by-side and the vast discrepancy is obvious.

“While Kate’s pair are honking great pieces that on anyone else you would assume are plastic fakes they are so large, Meghan’s pair, while elegant and a very thoughtful gift from the late nonagenarian, are comparatively tiddly.”

Ms Elser goes on describing and comparing other pieces of invaluable jewellery, to conclude: “Maybe, if Meghan and Harry had stayed put in the UK, this jewellery situation might have changed and the Duchess of Sussex might have ended up, like Kate, Camilla and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, regularly adding sparkle to her outfit du jour with a few baubles from the official horde.”

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“(Lord only knows how many diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires they really have squirrelled away in the Palace.)

“But, Meghan never quite made it into the royal bling ring.

“Instead, to paraphrase the eternal words of Destiny’s Child, ‘she buys her own diamonds and she buys her own rings.’

“And those? She doesn’t need anyone’s permission to wear.”

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