King has US ‘envious’ of stability provided as new poll shows…

Royal correspondent Kinsey Scofield discussed a new poll which found 63 percent of people believe Charles will be an amazing King after a terrific start. Ms Schofield discussed how politically chaotic the United Kingdom could be at times and claimed King Charles has been a rock through everything. The Royal reporter told Mark Dolan that the US was envious of such stability because of the recent political upheaval they were experiencing with the midterm elections. The King’s coronation has been planned for May 2023 and is set to be a day of joyous celebration around the UK.

Mark Dolan said: “Now Kinsey can we talk about King Charles? I’m still getting used to the title.

“My feeling is that he’s got off to an excellent start, and the polls would bear that out.”

Ms Schofield told GB News: “Absolutely, one of the most recent polls saying this.

“63 percent think that he is going to make an amazing King.”

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Ms Schofield added: “And an amazing Monarch, and you know I have to stress you’ve been covering it here over the last few months on GB News.

“Politically the UK can be chaotic sometimes, and King Charles has been such a rock throughout that process.

“He’s been the stability that the country needs, and I think in the United States we look at something like that and we envy it.

“Especially after the midterms, we’re all looking at each other going what happened.

“You know, you have something… You have this bit of stability that the United States doesn’t have.”

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A new poll from YouGov has shown a rise in the Kings popularity.

The poll shows that 98 percent of people asked knew who he was.

And that he was liked by 44 percent of people, and only disliked by 27 per cent.

Friend to the King and former minister Sir John Hayes has claimed that he was not surprised by the spike in popularity.

And explained that Britons were now seeing who “the real Charles is.”

He said: “I have had the privilege of knowing the King when he was Prince of Wales and appreciated the remarkable contribution he made to national life for so long.

“This includes his contributions through the Prince’s Trust which helped transform many lives.

“We are lucky to have a King that cares so much for the people and this nation and directs that care into positive action for benefit of Britons.”


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