10 Comics That Should Be Movies And The Perfect Teams To Make Them

The pipeline of comics to movie adaptations has been fairly frequent over the last decade. Some movies and television shows are planned within just a year of a comic’s release, like with Something Is Killing The Children. With all of these comics to movie adaptations, fans are always asking for more from specific directors and writers.

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The writer and director of a comic adaptation can sink or save the movie, which is why so many comic fans hope certain teams work on their favorite franchises. The perfect team making the perfect comic-to-movie adaptation can be hard to come by, but there are plenty of pairings that fans want to see.

10/10 Ice Cream Man Can Begin A Cinematic Universe

With Direction By Scott Derrickson And Writing By Simon Barrett

The Titular Ice Cream Man

Achieving near-instant popularity on its release, Ice Cream Man is a horror anthology comic created by W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo for Image Comics. The only thing each story in the anthology has in common is the appearance of the titular Ice Cream Man, Rick, who uses his horrifying powers to influence common people.

Ice Cream Man was originally supposed to receive a Quibi show, but its fate is left in the air after Quibi ended. Having directed Doctor Strange and The Black Phone, Scott Derrickson has proven himself capable of making solid movies, and Simon Barrett, the writer of You’re Next and several V/H/S segments, knows horror. These two would be a great pairing for Ice Cream Man.

9/10 Saga Is The Next Major Space Opera After Star Wars

That Should Be Helmed By Peter Jackson And Brian K. Vaughn

Saga Main Characters Alana and Marko

Saga, Brian K. Vaughn’s first creator-made series alongside Fiona Staples after years of working for major comic companies, is a fantasy space opera with a love story at its heart. Saga focuses on Alana and Marko, two lovers from different sides of a war, as they attempt to escape the war along with their daughter.

As a screenwriter and producer on several shows, including Marvel’s Runaways and Lost, Vaughn is the only person that should write the movie version. Since Saga has been described similarly to The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson would be an inspired choice to direct.

8/10 Savage Dragon’s Over-The-Top Action Is Perfect For The Big Screen

And Craig Zobel, Collin Kelly, And Jackson Lanzing Are Perfect For The Adaptation

Savage Dragon Titular Character Malcolm Dragon

Created by Erik Larsen, Savage Dragon is the story of Malcolm Dragon, an officer of the Chicago Police Department and occasional superhero. Savage Dragon mixes cop drama and super-powered conundrums into a compelling, thought-provoking story.

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Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing have proven themselves to be a powerhouse duo for nearly a decade with hundreds of comics under their belts and several side projects including short films, making them uniquely qualified to team up on a Savage Dragon movie. Director of the controversial The Hunt, Craig Zobel is capable of taking on directorial duties, especially after having proven himself capable of directing great fight scenes.

7/10 We3 Is A Shocking Story About Murderous Cyborg Animals

And Small Killers Are Joe Dante And Don Mancini Wheelhouse

We3 Animals Bandit Tinker and Pirate

Consisting of only 3 issues created by Grant Morrison, with art by Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant, We3 follows a trio of animals that have been altered into weapons. The small group consists of a dog, a cat, and a rabbit adapted for bloody military operations before escaping to freedom, though they suffer many losses.

Joe Dante and Don Mancini have each had a chance to make and perfect tiny, chaotic murderers. Dante directed both Gremlins movies and Small Soldiers while Mancini has written all the Chucky movies. The pair teaming up would make for a bloody and heart-tugging movie just like We3‘s original run.

6/10 Fables Mixes Myths With Modern Day Problems

That John D. Payne And Patrick McKay Should Write While Michael Matthews Directs

Fables Featuring Bigby The Wolf Among Us

Starring several popular characters from fairy tales, folklore, and myths, Fables, created by Bill Willingham for Vertigo, looks at the inhabitants of Fabletown in the modern day as they deal with conflict, humans, and a deadly enemy known as The Adversary. Fables has had several spin-offs and prequels, including the more well-known video game, The Wolf Among Us.

John D. Payne and Patrick McKay are the duo that revived The Lord of the Rings series as the writers of The Rings of Power, showing their impressive ability to adapt and evolve material, as they can with Fables. Michael Matthews is a lesser-known director, with Love and Monsters being his biggest movie, but the South African director has proven he can work with monsters and men with his smaller works and shorts.

5/10 Blankets Is A Deep, Emotional Coming Of Age Tale

Which Stephen Chbosky Is The Perfect Person To Direct

Blankets Cover by Craig Thompson

Created and lived by Craig Thompson, Blankets is an autobiographical graphic novel focusing on Thompson’s first love as he struggles with his faith. Blankets is an emotional coming-of-age rollercoaster that grips the reader and keeps them reading and feeling until the end.

As the lived experiences are his, Thompson would be the best choice as the screenwriter. Aiding Thompson and directing duties would best be suited for Stephen Chbosky. Chbosky is the author, screenwriter, and director of The Perks of Being A Wallflower which contains similar themes to Blankets, and has served as the director of Wonder and Dear Evan Hansen.

4/10 We Can Never Go Home Needs An Adaption

With Emerald Fennell And Bo Burnham Teaming Up

We Can Never Go Home Duncan and Madison

Published by Black Mask, We Can Never Go Home was created by Josh Hood, Matthew Rosenberg, and Patrick Kindlon. The story focuses on Madison, a super-powered teenage girl, and Duncan, a troubled teen who isn’t afraid to use his gun, as they try to run away from home but end up embroiled in violence and crime.

Emerald Fennell is the writer-director of the deeply impactful Promising Young Woman, a story about righteous vengeance. Bo Burnham has also found success as a writer-director with his movie Eighth Grade, a story about modern teenagers. The pair could easily team up to tackle We Can Never Go Home which sits in the middle ground between both of their famous works, with superpowers thrown in for good measure.

3/10 A Young Avengers Movie Is Coming Soon

And Is The Perfect Second Chance For Chloe Zhao And Angela Robinson

Young Avengers Kate Bishop America Chavez Noh-Varr Prodigy Billy Maximoff Wiccan

Originally created by writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung, the Young Avengers started as a look at the future heroes of the Marvel universe. With star members like Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, Billy Maximoff, and Kathryn Newton’s Cassie Lang becoming major MCU faces, it is just a matter of time before a Young Avengers movie is greenlit.

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Angela Robinson is a well-rounded writer, tackling dramatic works like Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, and action comedies like D.E.B.S., showing she can write a nuanced piece that properly introduces the team to the MCU. While Eternals, her first foray into the MCU, has its detractors, Chloe Zhao is primed for a second round with a more well-known group of characters.

2/10 Chew Is A Police Procedural With A Cannibal Twist

That The Daniels Can Do Justice On The Big Screen

Tony Chu in Chew

Following an FDA agent named Tony Chu who receives psychic impressions from anything he eats, Chew, written by John Layman and drawn by Rob Guillory, is a detective story with a supernatural twist. Chu works in a post-poultry world solving crimes thanks to his cibopathy. A movie version can play as a nice mix of Hannibal and Se7en.

The writer-director duo behind Everything, Everywhere, All At Once and Swiss Army Man, Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, are the best duo for the job. They have proven their chops with both movies, merging comedic and dramatic moments that fans would enjoy in a Chew movie.

1/10 Hack/Slash Is A Genre Defining Comic Series

And Radio Silence Should Put Their Hands On It

HackSlash Cassie Hack

Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash is the story of the final-final girl, Cassie Hack, and her behemoth mutant friend Vlad. The story follows the pair as they travel around the country saving people and killing Slashers, reanimated killers in the same category as Jason Voorhees.

Radio Silence is a collective group consisting of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, and Chad Villella. The group has found massive success in the horror world thanks to V/H/S, Ready or Not, and Scream (2020). Their history in the genre lends them the perfect amount of experience to handle Hack/Slash in its transition to the screen.

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