‘Fractured My Skull’ – 35-Year-Old Houston Based Tennis Player Survives From the Brink of Death to Become a Successful Bodybuilder

Life does not treat everyone equally, and it definitely had some tough love for Kel Mabatah. The former pro-level tennis player encountered a life-threatening incident and suffered a grave brain injury. However, he rose from the ashes and continued his competitive spirit to get through the most difficult ordeal of his life.


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Now, he is inspiring people around the world by showcasing the tenacious and hardworking attitude that has made him a successful bodybuilder.


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Former pro tennis player switches to bodybuilding after battling a severe brain injury

Kel Mabatah had a major brain surgery which put him in a vegetative state. However, he did not give up that easily. Even on his deathbed, he showcased a strong will and resilience and got himself out of that. Not just that, he had to teach himself to walk and talk again. Moreover, he has now become a bodybuilder too.

He said, “They said I’d never walk again, talk again.

Mabatah detailed the attack in Nigeria which had turned him into this.

He said, “They fractured my skull by hitting me in the head several times with the brunt of the rifle.

His doctors could not give him any assurance.

Basically, I’d be a vegetable at best. But I wasn’t about to accept that,” Mabatah said.

However, later on, his doctors showed faith in him. He stated, “They convinced me that I could do bodybuilding because they knew how competitive I was.”

Consequently, he continued his battle and eventually reigned over all the obstacles. He continues to train his body and now has shifted to bodybuilding. And the best part is that Mabatah is now competing in a premier bodybuilding show at Natural Atlas Championship.

The motivating factor of Serena Williams throughout her career 


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The 23-time Grand Slam champion did not always have a great run on-court. She went through many slumps but the scariest were the ones when she had to go through multiple health scares. The first one was around 2010 when she discovered that the blood was clotting in her lungs and she had to stay on permanent medication for that.

‘Fractured My Skull’ – 35-Year-Old Houston Based Tennis Player Survives From the Brink of Death to Become a Successful Bodybuilder
Aug 8, 2022; Toronto, ON, Canada; Tennis star Serena Williams (USA) reacts after defeating Nuria Parrizas Diaz (ESP) in first round play in the National Bank Open at Sobeys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Apart from that, the other one was in 2017 when she gave birth to her daughter, Olympia. She had a near-death experience both during and after childbirth. But none of this hindered her growth.


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Williams continued to play and motivate people with her resilience. Now, when she has finally rested her racquet, millions of people look up to the strong legacy that she has left behind.

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