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“Yellowstone” Season 5 will be premiering on Sunday, November 13, followed by weekly new episodes on the Paramount Network. USA Today reports that the new season will provide 14 episodes, split into seven-episode halves. However, despite viewers rightly believing these episodes, along with past installments, are available to stream on Paramount+, the actual home belongs to NBC’s streaming channel, Peacock. The reason for this is that NBC Universal purchased the streaming rights to this series, granting it exclusive access for “Yellowstone” fans. So, that means that the only opportunity for streaming fans to follow the Dutton family as they do whatever it takes to hang onto their land (as well as their integrity) is to view it using the colorfully-feathered online channel.

For TV viewers who want to not only have a chance to go back and watch previous chapters of Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone,” but also stream the current Season 5, a Peacock subscription is needed. Currently, a $4.99/month fee (or $49.99/year) will give you access to the series, along with countless other titles. For those who would prefer to avoid a subscription, the series is available for purchase at $1.99 per episode, or $19.99 for an entire season on Amazon Prime Video.


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