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Darren Watkins Jr. also known as IShowSpeed is a popular YouTuber who has come under a lot of scrutiny in the last few weeks. Things took a turn for the worse when he found himself in the middle of an alleged crypto scam. He was promoting a crypto project and was giving away PlayStation 5 to his audience.

His audience was quick to call him out and he received a lot of backlash for promoting an alleged scam.

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Why is IShowSpeed facing a backlash?

In a now-deleted stream, IShowSpeed was seen promoting a company that promised to launch the biggest crypto (Paradox coin) yet. He was seen wearing a t-shirt that had the logo of the company. Watkins was urging his fans to follow the crypto project’s Instagram handle.

He was then joined by a few guests who said the new coin was going to be “the biggest crypto coin in the world.” They also said viewers who sign up for the coin would get a PlayStation 5. Speed was also seen signing consoles and started receiving donations as his viewers called him out.

Rather than acknowledging that he was trying to misguide his audience, Watkins started asking his moderators to ban whoever was talking ill about Paradox coin on the stream. After the massive backlash, he accepted that he made a “mistake.”

Watkins also asserted he had no intentions of scamming his audience. He said: “I made a little mistake that I wish I never did, but I’m not a scammer, bro.”

“The fact that y’all would ever even think of me like that. I don’t even know if y’all are trolls or not. But the fact that you guys would ever think of me like that is kinda f***ed up. It’s kinda making my feelings hurt,” IShowSpeed said.

IshowSpeed deletes controversial Crypto stream promoting Paradox Metaverse

Upon snooping more into what the Paradox Metaverse was, the audience was able to find out that they called themselves an “AAA-quality, open-world battle royale” title.

Besides having a questionable user experience, there were a  lot of questions raised by people. YouTuber Coffeezilla, whose main focus has been crypto and scams that surround it covered Paradox Metaverse after IShowSpeed’s stream started receiving backlash.

In a two hours long stream interview with the Paradox co-founders Amio Talio and Faisal Tariq, Coffeezilla deduced they were running a Ponzi scheme. He said:

“They’re trying to confuse you because if you understood how a Ponzi scheme worked, you’d never truly invest.”

As far as the 17-year-old Speed is concerned, he has since deleted the sponsored stream and asked his audience to forgive him. He also posted an apology video in which he claimed he never intended to scam his viewers.

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