Norway, Finland, and Sweden Increase Focus on the High North as Joint Operational Area


This trilateral defense cooperation can, as soon as Finland and Sweden have become members of NATO, be further strengthened, it is pointed out in the agreement.

In practical terms, a policy steering group with representatives from the three countries’ defense departments guides the cooperation. The countries’ armed forces have also established a military coordination group, which reports yearly to the steering group.

The new agreement (just like the 2020 edition) is entered into within NORDEFCO, the framework for Nordic military cooperation. This includes Denmark and Iceland.

The Danes and the Icelanders will be kept in the loop with regular information as the Norwegian-Finnish-Swedish cooperation progresses.

This interaction will also be in line with the larger cooperation in NORDEFCO as well as with Norway, Sweden, and Denmark’s cooperation on strengthened operational planning in regard to Southern Scandinavia. 

The overarching aim of NORDEFCO is to strengthen the countries’ national defenses, explore possibilities for positive synergies, as well as facilitating cost-effective joint solutions.

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