We look at the identity of Ciaran in 1899 on Netflix

BotherEnough8259 seemed to agree and said: “Ciaran being another side of her psyche is such an interesting theory! I love it.”

This was backed up by monikacherokee’s comment: “And an observation… Ciaran is an acronym for crania, the plural of cranium (the skull, containing and protecting the brain).”

Meanwhile, user diacewrb drew parallels to a video game: “It is the year 2099 but some how they are still using a computer with a CRT screen and what appears to be MS-DOS. Maybe Ciaran is a big fan of the Fallout series?

“I am guessing the simulation is to keep the passengers sane whilst sleeping for so long in space.

“Speaking of Fallout, there was one vault where the survivors were kept in a simulation but the guy in charge went insane and started torturing everyone inside it for fun. Perhaps Ciaran has also gone insane as well.”

Dsstar666 had a very different theory, saying: “Who says Maura was married to Daniel beyond the 1899 level? After all, why is it that Daniel, Henry and Elliot are allowed to know that they are in a simulation? Seems like a design flaw considering that Ciaran is the one pulling the strings and is benefitting from them being trapped.”

The user added: “Hell, Ciaran may not even be her brother and is just a pseudonym for the mystery string puller.”

For now, it looks like the jury is out about Ciaran’s identity but there does seem to be some consensus suggesting Maura could still ultimately be in control of the simulation and her brother is simply part of her consciousness.

1899 is streaming on Netflix now

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