Yellowstone season 5 episode 4 run time: Is it extended?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1On this Thanksgiving Day, there is 100% a lot to be thankful for when it comes to YellowstoneTake, for example, longer episodes!

So far, we are pleased to report that every single one of these installments has gone longer than an hour, and the same can be said for “Horses in Heaven” on Sunday night. It makes sense, given everything that the show will be bringing to the table…

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How long exactly is this episode? According to the official TV guide for the Paramount Network, episode 4 is currently set to run for an hour and fifteen minutes, commercials included. That puts it slightly ahead of what we saw with episode 3.

As for what you can expect from start to finish here, we’ve got the full synopsis over at the link here. The top priority will of course be seeing what happens with Beth following her arrest — after all, there could be a huge butterfly effect here that causes a wide array of issues across the board for the entire ranch. Jamie could try to help her, but if he pushes too hard, that becomes a scandal. The same goes for John as the Governor. If John starts a problem here, then maybe that leads to other problems when it comes to getting legislation through. Maybe there is more scrutiny around what he is trying to do with the airport.

Of course, we’re sure there are a few other interesting things that transpire here across the board. Take, for example, with the bunkhouse. So far Taylor Sheridan hasn’t put too much of an emphasis on some of these characters, but we’re sure that will change eventually. Also, we’re still waiting for a huge storyline to come around with Jimmy, who has been MIA so far this season.

What are you the most excited to see when Yellowstone season 5 episode 4 air on the Paramount Network?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts and theories below! Once you do this, remember to stay tuned for other assorted updates. (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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