5-year-old in Lee’s Summit praised for quick-thinking when mom suddenly goes into labor

5-year-old in Lee's Summit praised for quick-thinking when mom suddenly goes into labor

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Five-year-old King Young’s mother, Jalessa, was totally caught off-guard when she unexpectedly went into labor Tuesday.

King was the only other person inside their home at the time, but he knew exactly what to do.

Jalessa says the world wasn’t supposed to meet her new born Prince until Dec. 7, but he just couldn’t wait.

She says in a moment most would freeze, King stepped into action and started comforting her.

“I go into the restroom and I’m screaming and he’s like, ‘Momma when will the pain go away?’ and I’m like, ‘When your baby brother comes,'” Jalessa said. “So he starts rubbing my back and I let out a little more screaming and he’s like, ‘I’m gonna call the ambulance,’ and I’m like, ‘Yes baby call the ambulance.'”

King told the dispatchers how to get there, and made sure the door was unlocked for the paramedics.

“I told them that my mom needs help,” King said.

Jalessa’s husband, Jared, rushed home from work when he found out his wife was going into labor.

However, he says things happened so fast baby Prince, with assistance from medics, beat him there.

“I’m amazed man,” Jared said referencing to King. “He surprises me every day.”

Jared said she’s sure Prince will follow in his King’s foot steps in the future.

“Basically it was her and King at the house delivering the baby until the paramedics got there and did the rest of it,” Jared said. I’m grateful. I got a new son, Prince is gonna be just as great as King one day.”

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