BBC Breakfast viewers slam ‘cringeworthy’ Wales World Cup coverage

John Watson spoke to different groups of Wales supporters outside the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar as the football fans prepared for Wales v Iran. However, BBC Breakfast viewers took to Twitter to slam the 2022 World Cup coverage when John encouraged the fans to sing. 

Speaking to one fan, John said: “How special is it to be on this stage such a long time away [from the last time Wales were in the World Cup]. 

“This is the moment, right? This is the moment where you get your first win?”

The supporter replied: “It was a little bit disappointing the first half in the first game but I’m sure the boys will put it right.

“Feels a little bit surreal in the sunshine when everybody is watching it at home in the rain. 

@paulomurphio tweeted: “Seriously filling with all these interviews with Welsh fans how many people do they think are watching this rubbish in wales it’s seriously low brow and fairly cringeworthy #BBCBreakfast.”

@judithredmonds agreed: “I think the myth that every Welsh person can sing has been totally dispelled now! @BBCBreakfast.”

“@BBCBreakfast please don’t ask the Welsh football fans outside the stadium to sing again. I’m having to comfort my cat who’s now in distress! #WorldcupQatar2022,” @hopestevep agreed.

@DavidWa53158736 questioned: “Why do @BBCBreakfast @BBCSport always insist on Welsh #Wales fans singing? So cliched #Qatar2022 #Worlds2022.”

@Erasmo2058 added: “Please don’t show them singing again. #BBCBreakfast.”

“@BBCBreakfast stop asking the Welsh supporters to sing, you seem to find ones who cant sing and its utterly terrible TV and painful to watch,” @chrisbuller1 shared.

Later in the programme, hosts Charlie Stayt and Tina Daheley returned to John who was interviewing former Welsh footballer Ian Rush.

He reflected: “You’ve got to feel confident. That second half against USA was a great performance. 

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