Kate Beckinsale sticks bum in sleeping man’s face for hysterical prank

Kate Beckinsale, 49, made her Instagram followers chuckle as she larked about on the set of her new movie, Canary Black, in Croatia.

The Hollywood star shared a clip from inside a trailer which saw her gradually edge her bottom into the face of a sleeping man. 

Much to his surprise, the man woke up to the unsuspecting sight and jumped in shock.

In the caption, Kate wrote: “We are English so we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving – but we do like to ‘bum in the face’ our dearest friends if they happen to fall asleep near us. Feel free to borrow and Happy Thanksgiving.” 

Her fans found the clip hysterical and several took to the comments with cheeky remarks, including Dregs who quipped: “What a lucky man.” 

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