Knives Out’s Rian Johnson Thought Everyone Knew Glass Onion Was A Beatles Reference. He Was Wrong

With another Rian Johnson whodunnit ready to be solved, comes another glorious title: Glass Onion. And, if you’ve been wondering how the writer/director got the title, look no further than the 1968 Beatles song of the same name. I’ll admit I didn’t put two and two together, considering it’s a bit of a deep cut for the British band, but I don’t feel bad admitting that because a ton of other people didn’t either. 

When the Glass Onion filmmaker was recently asked about the title of his latest movie — which you can watch in theaters this week only before it comes to those with a Netflix subscription the week of Christmas — Rian Johnson shared the popular reaction to the sequel title, saying: 

But I was always surprised, when I was showing the script around, how many people didn’t know it was a Beatles song. I thought everybody knew “Glass Onion”, but I guess they don’t.

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