The Chase’s Anne Hegerty ‘threatened’ with Strictly Come Dancing


“I did Cooking with the Stars and that was bad enough. The only thing really that made me stay was that Jean-Christophe [Novelli] was so nice I didn’t want to let him down.

“I was relieved when I got voted out. When Josie and I were in the cook-off she said ‘You’re such a good cook, I am worried’ and I said, ‘Yes but Josie, you’re not taking to account, I want to lose’.

“She looked amazed, I said it was an ideal point to go out. Although Jean-Christophe wasn’t upset that I was in the cook-off, he is upset with the other judges.

“I think I said something to her like ‘I am genuinely going to do my best, but I hope my best is not good enough’ and it wasn’t good enough, Josie was very good, she got to the final.


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