Sussexes asked how they feel about ‘destroying the Royal Family’

Harry and Meghan were asked how they feel about “destroying the Royal Family”, just hours before the release of the first part of their explosive docu-series. In a video posted on Twitter by user @hrrysgreysuit, the moment is captured as the couple stepped out of the car and made their way into the event.

In the short 37-second clip, Harry is seen making his way to Meghan’s side of the car.

The Duke of Sussex was seen holding an umbrella as he walked into the venue alongside his wife.

The 38-year-old waits for his wife to exit the vehicle and as the door opens, an eager member of the waiting crowd can be heard shouting, “Harry, what do you think about destroying the Royal Family”.

The same crowd member can then be heard shouting, aimed at Meghan: “Meghan, you destroyed the Royal Family”.

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The couple, surrounded by the flashes of the cameras, then swiftly began to walk, hand-in-hand, towards the entrance of the awards ceremony.

Arriving at the event, Meghan, in particular, appeared optimistic as the 41-year-old beamed as one crowd member eagerly shouted out “Meghan, you’re great”.

The couple arrived in New York for the Ripple of Hope Awards, a gala hosted by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights organisation.

Harry and Meghan have been given the award for opposing “structural racism” within the Royal Family.

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The couple was honoured at last night’s event, which was organised by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights group, alongside ex-NBA legend Bill Russell and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of the late Bobby Kennedy, handed the Sussexes their award and praised them for “showing up”.

Harry arrived at the event wearing a suit and tie, whilst Meghan opted for a sleek white off-the-shoulder dress.


Meghan and Harry were joined on the red carpet by Kerry Kennedy.

The award has been given to the couple almost two years after their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, where Meghan opened up about a conversation that allegedly occurred regarding the colour of their then-unborn son’s skin.

The couple has never revealed who the said royal was, although Harry made clear that it was not the late Queen or Prince Philip.


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