10 Best Shows Like Wednesday On Netflix

Following its first season, Wednesday has catapulted to success, becoming Netflix’s third-most-watched English-language series after just two weeks. Fans are excited for the inevitable second season of the coming-of-age supernatural comedy, although there’s no official confirmation yet. Nonetheless, it will be some time before Wednesday returns to the screen. However, there are similar shows on Netflix worth watching in the meantime.

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All of these Netflix series feature a coming-of-age storyline, supernatural happenings, and similarly dark undertones. They’ll easily satiate the desire for Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday and her melancholy until she returns for more sinister delights.

Riverdale Shares A Lot Of Similarities With Wednesday


A dark take on the Archie Comics and its characters, Riverdale follows Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead as they navigate high school life, and in later seasons, adulthood. From creepy monsters attacking kids in the forest to kids with super abilities to mysterious murders, there are a lot of similarities between Wednesday and Riverdale.

What’s more, Betty’s darker alter-ego could easily be compared to Wednesday’s love of everything macabre. Everyone in Wednesday, from the school employees to the parents, has similar counterparts in Riverdale. Even though there are mistakes that still haunt Riverdale, the show is worth checking out with numerous seasons to watch while waiting for Wednesday‘s second season.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’s Titular Character Is Just Like Wednesday


Existing in the same universe as Riverdale, with even some crossovers between the two shows, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is another high school-set show that centers around a character with special abilities. Sabrina, however, is a half-witch, half-human attending a normal school. Not many know her true identity, so she lives a double life as a regular teenage girl by day and a young witch training in schooling at night.

In one storyline, Sabrina becomes Sabrina Morningstar, an alternate version of herself who embraces the darkness, much like Wednesday. From romantic relationships to hunting bad guys and dealing with darkness and evil, Wednesday and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina would appeal to the same type of viewer.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Also Focuses On Family Secrets


Taking a more comedic tone, A Series of Unfortunate Events is about three orphaned children who are sent to live with a man named Count Olaf. His motive is to gain access to their family’s fortune before the eldest comes of age and is entitled to the wealth.

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Where the similarities lie between Wednesday and A Series of Unfortunate Events are in the reveal of the family’s involvement in a secret society and the mysterious, melancholic tone of the story. While the siblings manage to escape Olaf’s clutches, they shift focus to uncovering the truth about their deceased parents. It’s a similar plot to Wednesday being obsessed with finding out the truth about her parents and the events that occurred when they were at Nevermore.

Fate: The Winx Saga Appeals To Wednesday Fans


Bloom’s story in Fate: The Winx Saga is quite similar to Wednesday’s story: she is enrolled into a new school, which happens to be a magical one that caters to her fairy fire powers. While there, she meets her new roommate like Wednesday does, who is also the antithesis of her: Stella is a light fairy.

With ancient creatures, sordid pasts, otherworldly events, and threats, Wednesday and Fate share similarities. Even though Fate falls more into the teen drama genre than it does horror, and though it does not rank among the best teen shows to binge watch, the stories of the main characters are eerily alike. This could make it appealing to fans of Wednesday.

Sydney In I Am Not Okay With This Is Just Like Wednesday


Even though there was only a single season of I Am Not Okay With This, it is worth watching to fill the time until a new season of Wednesday is released. A coming-of-age black comedy, the show is about a 17-year-old girl named Sydney who discovers that she has telekinetic powers.

Like the titular character of Wednesday, Sydney has a tumultuous relationship with her mother. She also has trouble handling and controlling her abilities. It makes the two protagonists alike in some ways, though they are very different people.

Stranger Things’ The Party Are Just Like The Outcasts Of Nevermore


Another massively successful show for Netflix, Stranger Things might be as dark as Wednesday, but it is more comedic. There are interesting parallels between the two shows. The sci-fi horror drama is about a group of kids, one of whom has special powers. The others are just, as they would be described in Wednesday, “normies.” However, they fight monsters and demons and deal with the everyday challenges of fitting in.

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In fact, a big theme of Stranger Things is that, despite being “normal” kids, the main group never quite fits in with other classmates. It’s reminiscent of how all the students of Nevermore School feel like outcasts. Characters in Stranger Things, like Max, have comparable personalities to Wednesday. Both are generally glum, non-expressive, and sarcastic, and don’t seem to care what others think about them.

The Umbrella Academy’s Lead Characters Are Considered Misfits


The lead characters in The Umbrella Academy and Wednesday are considered misfits and outcasts. It results in a similar “banding together against the world” feel to the shows. The Umbrella Academy is a superhero show about a dysfunctional adopted family who, much like the students at Nevermore, are cut off from regular society.

There are different powers in The Umbrella Academy, however, including one character being part ape and another possessing super strength. Still, the eclectic mix of characters, each with their own special talents and abilities, can be likened to the kids at Nevermore school and the dysfunctional dynamic between them as well.

The Order And Wednesday Have Supernatural Elements


In The Order, a college student named Jack joins a secret society that teaches its members how to perform magic. As Jack investigates the history of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, he realizes there are dark family secrets behind the curtain.

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With elements of the supernatural, including werewolves, secrets, and history, The Order is a horror drama worth checking out. It might not have the same teenage element as Wednesday, but it’s very close. With only two seasons, The Order is a quick watch as well.

The Midnight Club Is A Fascinating Watch For Wednesday Fans


Though it was canceled after a single season, The Midnight Club is the perfect show to watch for those missing the dark and ominous nature of Wednesday and how she was drawn to things like death. In this series, the teens are terminally ill patients in hospice who meet in secret every night. There, they share scary ghost stories in a group called The Midnight Club.

When one of them dies, however, a prior pact is fulfilled that the first person to pass on would come back and communicate with the others from the grave. It’s a lot darker and creepier than Wednesday, but The Midnight Club will be a fascinating watch for fans of the Jenna Ortega-led show.

James And Alyssa In The End Of The F***king World Are Like Wednesday And Enid


A British black comedy, The End Of The F***king World follows a young man named James who is convinced that he is a ‘psychopath’. Like Wednesday, he eventually begins to embrace the dark side of himself and decides he will give in to finally killing. However, when he meets Alyssa, who he believes is the perfect first human victim, he ends up growing close to her and can’t bring himself to do it.

The dynamic between James and Alyssa is similar to that of Wednesday and Enid: while Wednesday did not want to kill her new roommate, she did threaten to. The 18 episodes of The End of The F***king World might be just what’s needed to quench the thirst for dark teenage drama and romance until Wednesday (hopefully) returns.

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