1899’s Gabby Wong shares ending theory following season finale

Netflix’s mysterious drama 1899 took viewers by storm when it landed on the streaming service in November, with many binge-watching the eight-part series. As the finale left fans in turmoil, Yuk Je star Gabby Wong unveiled her major theory. 

The slow-burning drama which was set in 1899 followed a group of migrants onboard a steamship travelling from London to New York City. 

However, their journey soon descended into chaos after they encountered its sister ship, Prometheus adrift at sea. 

The ship had been missing for four months and when the passengers decided to step onboard, the new lives they were looking forward to, soon turned into a nightmare. 

Viewers were left gripped by the biggest plot twist during the finale which revealed the entire trip was in fact a simulation created by Maura Frankin (played by Emily Beecham).

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This shocking revelation left many questioning where the show would go if it was renewed for a second season. 

As well as viewers, actress Gabby Wong shared her insightful theory about the jaw-dropping twist. 

She revealed: “I don’t know if it’s that wild a theory, but every single person that you see in the final scene is there for a reason.”

Gabby also shared her initial reaction to the finale: “I read the final episode at four o’clock in the morning while I was breastfeeding my son at the time who was a newborn, and I think I punched my husband.

Onboard Kerberos, Captain Eyk Larsen (Andreas Pietschmann) returned to find Maura where she reveals to him and the other passengers they were in a simulation. 

The passengers were furious at Maura and left the ship, despite this, Maura and Eyk were determined to find an escape when they discovered a trap door. 

Elsewhere on the ship, Daniel Solace (Aneurin Barnard) took control of the electrical which led to the black virus growing faster. 

As a result, all the passengers were thrown into different simulations, including Maura and Eyk.

After more chaos ensued, the episode ended with Maura onboard a spaceship called Prometheus. 

She received a message on the screen which revealed they were in the year 2099 alongside a message from her brother “welcoming” her to “reality”.

With this huge plot twist, fans are eager to what season two will entail, however, the series is yet to be renewed. 

1899 is available to stream on Netflix 

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