Best-Selling Video Games Of November In US Include Call Of Duty,

NPD’s monthly report for November is here, which means we now know what games sold the best last month. Though the data doesn’t have a lot of surprises, there’s one name in the top 5 that might give you pause: Sonic Frontiers.

Yes, while everyone’s favorite hedgehog hasn’t starred in many acclaimed games lately, the “open-zone” Sonic Frontiers has sold a lot of copies, and it garnered a fairly positive critical reception, as well. However, number one is definitely no surprise–Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become one of the best-selling games in the franchise ever, which is no mean feat. It even passed Elden Ring to become the top-selling paid game of 2022 in the US, though it’s only been out for a little more than a month.