Harry and Meghan fears over fresh ‘poisonousness’ Netflix claims

Writing in her column for the New Zealand Herald, writer and royal commentator Daniela Elser claimed that Prince William is the “real target” of Meghan and Harry’s bombshell series, suggesting that Harry is “rubbing salt in the wound” as he continues to make accusations against the Royal Family, alongside Meghan Markle.

Ms Elser wrote: “Today, the day after the night before, something has become clear and that there is something of a forgotten victim in this sorry saga – ol’ William.”

Speaking of William, the royal commentator described the eldest son of the late Diana and King Charles III as “the one who pushed their mother’s tissues under the bathroom door as she cried inside” and the one who “tried to support his brother when they were both grief-stricken teenagers”.

She added: “The now Prince of Wales’ suffering generally gets lost when we talk about the Great Megxit Mess and in the face of Sussexes’ prime time keening.”

Ms Elser described this as “rubbing salt in the wound” after William previously “issued an unusually forceful statement saying it should never be played again after last year’s Dyson inquiry found that the princess had been duped into taking part”.

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