MEGAWORLD taps data science and artificial intelligence to make

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science in public safety are becoming increasingly important. They can be used to improve the accuracy and speed of emergency personnel to resolve issues in areas ranging from public safety to disaster relief. Using the advances in these technologies, safety officials can understand the environment around them and be better prepared to respond in any situation.

AI can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and generate insights that would otherwise be impossible to detect. This type of analysis can be used to identify potential threats, predict and prevent crime, and improve response times. For example, AI-driven facial recognition technology can identify suspects, allowing officers to better target their efforts and respond more quickly to dangerous situations.

Data science, particularly data analysis, is also valuable for public safety. By analyzing large amounts of data, safety officials can gain insights into past events and use that information to inform their strategies in the future. Data analysis can also help identify trends and patterns, allowing officials to predict how certain situations may unfold and take appropriate preventative measures. This can be invaluable for emergency planning and response. Additionally, data analysis can identify areas of need, allowing organizations to target their efforts more effectively.

Using these two together will give users valuable information to identify potential incidents and take preventive action before they become real dangers.

Recently, pioneering township developer Megaworld Corporation announced that it is ramping up its use of data science and technology innovations as it builds smart, future-ready township developments. Part of this initiative is the creation of its very own Township Analytics and Technology Lab (TAT Lab), the first-ever data science lab spearheaded by a property development company in Asia. The TAT Lab will be designed to develop, deploy, and improve machine learning models and artificial intelligence to increase the level of safety and security of Megaworld townships nationwide.

MEGAWORLD taps data science and artificial intelligence to make
Megaworld executives present the Township Analytics and Technology Lab (TAT Lab), the first-ever data science lab spearheaded by a property development company in Asia. TAT Lab will be created alongside the Megaworld Command Center, a state-of-the-art surveillance facility that will be capable of monitoring and consolidating situation reports across all of Megaworld’s townships nationwide. Photo shows (from left) Harold Geronimo, head of Public Relations and Media Affairs; Michael Angelo Dumlao, head of Estate Management; Francis Viernes, head of Data Analytics; and Cheryll Sereno, head of Opportunities and Risk Management.

“We have been integrating data analytics and artificial intelligence in various aspects of our business, particularly as we continue to develop next-generation township developments where tech innovations make life a lot safer and more enjoyable for residents, locators, and visitors,” says Francis Viernes, Chief Data Scientist and Lab Director of TAT Lab and head of Data Analytics at Megaworld.

Another program that will be part of Megaworld’s TAT Lab will be a Township-specific Weather Analytics and Monitoring capability. Currently, in its pilot testing phase in partnership with Komunidad, the leader in climate data analytics in Asia, the program aims to help make Megaworld townships more resilient by providing localized, more accurate climate information to help residents and locators plan their day-to-day activities more efficiently.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives and make them safer and more enjoyable. From enhancing safety and security to automating tedious tasks and creating more immersive experiences, AI plays an increasingly important role in improving the quality of life. As AI-powered technologies continue to advance, we can look forward to a future where life is safer and more enjoyable for everyone.” says Harold Geronimo, Head of Public Relations and Media Affairs at Megaworld.

MEGAWORLD taps data science and artificial intelligence to make
Construction is currently underway for Megaworld’s TAT Lab and the Command Center, and the company is looking to have both facilities operational by 2023.

“This is just a start. In the future, more programs using AI and data science will be used in Megaworld townships nationwide,” Geronimo added. He shared that the TAT Lab is working non-stop to improve these technology innovations to make them more useful to residents and visitors.





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