“Norway Needs a National Ban on Crypto Centers”


In a relatively short time, similar factories have been established in the municipalities of Rana, Fauske, and Hadsel in Nordland, Northern Norway, as well as Alta in Finnmark. 

“Due to low electricity prices and power surpluses, there is a relatively great interest from actors who mine cryptocurrency. These are actors who have capital and are ready to establish themselves and meet the requirements to be able to establish themselves quickly,” says Arne Ivar Mikalsen, who is now concerned that these actors are establishing themselves at the expense of industries that have more value for the local community.

“The connection obligation and the grid company’s neutrality obligation give these actors the same right as everyone else to collect power from the electrical grid. That must change,” he states.

A changing world

“In Nordland county, the capacity is limited. We risk that crypto centers essentially slow down or block new industries and the green shift in Nordland. Therefore, we must have a national ban on such centers,” Mikalsen demands.



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