Roger Federer: ‘I’m happy that I didn’t take tennis almost that

Stan Wawrinka has been one of the greatest tennis players of the last decade, winning three Grand Slam titles and achieving several major results. At the same time, Stan has lived his entire career, however, in the shadow of Roger Federer, an extraordinary career but far removed, in Switzerland and around the world, from that of the winner of 20 Grand Slam tournaments.

Now Federer has officially retired while Stan lives the last moments of a great career, and the former number 3 in the world gave an interesting interview to the Canal + microphones where he gave emotional words. Here are his words: “I owe him a lot in his career.

I only remember positive things, he helped me and I grew a lot thanks to him. Also thanks to him I won the Olympic Games (doubles) and the Davis Cup. They are two of the most important titles of his career.” Wawrinka was very honest in admitting his inferiority compared to his older compatriot, we are talking about two tennis players who have made history in Switzerland, but with Roger having done much more.

In this regard, Stan admitted: “When I got to the circuit, he was already at the top. He followed me like an older brother, we trained a lot together and I was lucky to be able to work a lot with him, both in training and in tournaments.

We shared a lot of things in the Davis Cup, and then we became friends. He and I were on the same level, not in terms of career and results, but in terms of behavior and mutual support. Each of us encouraged the other.”

Federer didn’t take the sport too seriously

Roger Federer had a fun and illuminating chat on the late-night talk show The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday. Roger Federer revealed that he was glad that he didn’t take the sport too seriously and was able to enjoy his time on the court.

“I feel like I had a lot of fun on the tour. It was not just about tennis. It was also about going to nice dinner with friends and I’m happy that I didn’t take tennis almost that serious or professional. Still had a bit of an amateur twist to it,” he said.

“A bit worried that every sport is going into such a professional direction which I hope we don’t lose the fun in it. It’s important,” he added.

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