Sussexes ‘analysed data’ to see what claims would get most coverage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have analysed data based on which past allegations gained the most coverage when deciding what to include in their new Netflix docuseries.

Similarly, the Royal Family will have had a detailed, data-driven plan and response ready for whatever bombshell comments Prince Harry and Meghan make during the new series.

Edward Coram James, a reputation management, crisis management and digital marketing expert, said the couple’s revelations will likely be ranked from one-10 in severity and the family will respond accordingly.

He said: “The Sussexes will have been engaged in a similar process in the run-up to the series”.

Harry and Meghan will have been concerned about what they include in the series to reach the highest number of viewers and social media coverage, he told

The CEO of Go Up said: “This is a big money, international TV show, created by Netflix as part of an answer to flagging subscriber figures, and so will have one singular aim behind it: to drum up viewership numbers and gain more subscribers for Netflix and vanilla will not do this.

“Harry and Meghan will know all too well that, for the series to be considered a success, and for future contracts to come their way, they will be expected to go big”.

Because of this, he said, the couple will have analysed data based on which past allegations gained the most press and social media coverage, and possibly put new allegations under the noses of focus groups

The best-performing topics will then likely be included in Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, and inevitable subsequent interviews following the series’ release.

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Netflix could also have provided the royal couple with data about other high-performing shows on the streaming platform.

Mr James said: “It is also plausible (and in some respects likely) that Netflix will have provided data from The Crown series.

“Every episode will come with a plethora of data- as such data is used for the creation of subsequent episodes and tv shows- and Netflix will know which themes explored and allegations made delivered the best viewership generation and retention numbers”.

But despite Mr James’ claims of “explosive” revelations from the couple, many critics have been left unimpressed by the lack of royal drama in the series so far.

The first three episodes of the bombshell docuseries series dropped on Thursday and have divided viewers and the media.

Some critics have said the first three shows were more of a “straightforward romance” that lacked any “real royal dirt”.

Stephanie Bunbury, of Deadline, said the episodes were not “the royal evisceration we have been expecting”.

She said: “The story so far is a straightforward romance, with the best-looking royals no longer in the business seen sitting on a couch agreeing that, guess what, they fell madly in love on their second date.

“None of this, however, is the royal evisceration we have been expecting”.

The next installment of the six-part series is due to be released next week on December 15.

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