The Beatles: Why Buddy Holly Was a Significant Influence for the

The Beatles had several music influences, including Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Presley. Another influence was Buddy Holly, a significant figure for The Beatles, as his unique style became instrumental in who the fab four wanted to be as artists. 

The Beatles were impressed by Buddy Holly because he wrote and performed his own music

The Beatles at the BBC Television Studios in London before their world tour
The Beatles (Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon) | Central Press/Getty Images

Buddy Holly was a rising rock star during the 1950s. Unfortunately, the “Rave on” singer died young, at the age of 22, in a plane crash. However, he still left a lasting legacy during his short music career, becoming an influential figure for many rock stars that rose to prominence during the 1960s.


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