Yellowstone star teases young Teeter cameo

Several members of the Dutton family have had their backstories even more fleshed out in the latest gripping season of Taylor Sheridan’s smash hit drama Yellowstone. As Josh Lucas extends his role as a young John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) in the Paramount Network drama’s fifth outing, there could be a chance of meeting some of the bunkhouse crew years before they found themselves on the ranch.

Yellowstone star Jen Landon has hinted Cole Hauser’s daughter could eventually be cast as a younger version of her character Teeter.

During a discussion with co-star Jefferson White, who portrays Jimmy Hurdstrom, the actors touched on the greater number of flashback scenes during the fifth season.

Although most of the bunkhouse crew weren’t part of the Yellowstone staff during the 1990s era of the Dutton saga, there could be opportunities to explore their early lives before they became wranglers.

“What’s fun about it is there is a young Teeter somewhere,” Jefferson joked. “Somewhere in Arkansas while that is happening!”

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Jen laughed at the concept but admitted, “That’s true!”

She then touched on a popular fan theory regarding Cole’s daughter Steely Hauser which arose when he posted on Instagram on Father’s Day this year.

“Have you seen?” she said. “I feel like we’re all actively trying to have Cole Hauser’s daughter play young Teeter.”

While an appearance from teenage Teeter is unlikely at this stage, Jen was adamant Cole’s daughter should make her Yellowstone debut at some point.

Cole’s Father’s Day post was flooded with comments pointing out the similarities, with some fans hoping she eventually makes a cameo as Teeter’s young counterpart.

@eglasheen asked: “Is she playing young Teeter this season!?”

“A mini Teeter!” @krstna1314 replied. And @samanthawoltz exclaimed: “She has Teeter hair!!”

In another post featuring Steely, Jen commented: “Steely is an icon!!!”

To which Cole’s wife Cynthia replied: “Thank [you] for taking Steely under your wing. It means so much to her.”

Their comments have certainly stirred rumours an appearance from Steely could eventually happen, although nothing has been confirmed just yet.

In addition to young John, this season also features the return of Kyle Red Silverstein and Kylie Rogers as younger versions of Cole’s character Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

Yellowstone season 5 continues Sundays on the Paramount Network in the USA and the following Monday on Paramount+.

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