Sheffield residents left with no gas ‘so cold they want to cry’

Sheffield residents are “pretty well stuffed” and “so cold they want to cry” as thousands of residents have gone almost a week without heating in freezing winter conditions, a report has revealed. In the Stannington area of the city, 2,000 residents were impacted after a burst water pipe flooded into a gas main on Friday, 2 December.

Although the leak was stopped, water is still being cleared out and, as a result, many locals are still without gas.

Earlier this week, Sheffield City Council declared a major incident after the outage spread to Hillsborough and Malin Bridge areas.

Residents have had to find alternative sites to cook, shower and stay warm.

Last weekend, nearby Forge Valley School was open for people to go and shower and the site will remain open this weekend.

Stannington is still seeing extensive work while water is being pumped out while the streets are lined with frost as the temperature drops below freezing.

Speaking to YorkshireLive local resident Jean Tattersole, 73 said that “we are pretty well stuffed” and added that the basic conditions were like “going back to 1949” when she lived in a prefab as a child.

She said: “It was 7.40am on Saturday morning when I got a call off somebody telling me not to but my heating on – they thought there had been an explosion somewhere. We are pretty well stuffed; we are in deep large room houses and it’s cold.

“They were giving out heaters but then the grid reached capacity. There is a couple near me who are in their 90s and they wouldn’t let us have any more heaters because the grid reached capacity and went, so there was no gas and no electric on some streets.

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Another resident called Amy, a mum-of-two, told YorkshireLive that she had been able to get her gas back on Monday but it had been very stressful for her and the children.

She said: “It’s affected me really badly.

“It was so freezing, me and my two kids had the electric heater we were allowed on in one room and stayed in there all day.

“I’ve never seen anything on this scale. It’s ridiculous. It was so cold I wanted to cry – the kids were under blankets fully clothed all day, I was wearing two pairs of pyjamas and a dressing gown.

“We pulled spare mattresses into my bedroom and we all slept in there to keep as warm as possible while it was off.”

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