10 Marvel Heroes With The Cutest Pets


Everyone knows Marvel‘s most famous superheroes, especially because in recent years the MCU has given them a new wave of popularity. Characters such as Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, and Black Widow are some of the most iconic characters from this franchise. However, few people are familiar with these characters’ adorable pets.

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Even though Marvel’s heroes are constantly fighting evil, they’re not beyond creating some of the most wholesome relationships with their cute mascots. From Chewie to Ant-thony, these pets have earned comic fans’ hearts for their endearing personality.

10/10 Carol Danvers Has A Flerken Pet

Chewie and Captain Marvel sleeping

After 35 five years as Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers took the Captain Marvel mantle in 2012. Although most things about her character disappeared (she used to be more feminine and less rough around the edges) something that remains is her animal companion, Chewie.

Originally from Earth-58163, Chewie looks like an orange cat, but he’s actually a Flerken, an alien feline-like creature with tentacles on his mouth. Even though his true nature can be truly disgusting, Chewie mostly acts like a cat for Carol: he purrs in her lap, enjoys naps next to her, and sometimes even provides emotional support. Chewie is so important to Carol that she has a cat cam in her apartment to keep track of him.

9/10 The Guardians of the Galaxy Embraced Cosmo The Space Dog As One Of Their Own

Cosmo the Spacedog Marvel

Although the Guardians of the Galaxy have become fairly famous recently thanks to the MCU, these characters are very different from the comics. They aren’t so much a group of clownish outcasts as they’re true warriors. Throughout its history, they have had very different members.

Cosmo the Space Dog has always been close to them. When the Guardians of the Galaxy first became a team, they arrived at Knowhere, where Cosmo already lived. Originally a test animal for the Soviet Space Program, Cosmo mutated in space and gained telekinetic abilities. For a long time, he has been a central member of this team, and he looks adorable in his space suit.

8/10 Lockjaw Helps the Royal Inhuman Family

Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan hugging Lockjaw in Inhumans

The House of Agon has ruled Attilan for many years and, currently, its patriarch is Blackagar Voltagon. The Agon family is the royal family of the Inhumans and Lockjaw is their faithful pet. Although he has powers, Lockjaw was born from an Earth dog, but the Kree experimented genetically on his mother.

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Lockjaw’s particularly close to Black Bolt, but he also likes to spend his time with Medusa. Thanks to his teleportation abilities, he’s often sent on missions. For example, Medusa had him take care of Kamala when she first started her career as a superhero. Kamala and Lockjaw fell in love at first sight, so they still team up from time to time, even though Kamala’s family doesn’t love having a huge dog around.

7/10 Squirrel Girl And Tippy Toe Make A Great Duo

Tippy Toe and Squirrel Girl in Marvel Rising

Doreen Green, also known as Squirrel Girl, is a superhero with Squirrel-like abilities, like a prehensile tail, superhuman strength, and night vision. Since she can also communicate with squirrels, Doreen recruited a group of these rodents to help her against Maelstrom.

Tippy Toe was the only one who survived this battle, and she became her animal sidekick. Since then, Doreen and Tippy Toe have been together all the time, even when Doreen enrolled at Empire State University. Not even the best Marvel sidekicks can be as cute as this eastern gray squirrel.

6/10 Natasha Adopted Liho In Spite Of Herself

Natasha and Liho

Natasha Romanoff, also known by her superhero name Black Widow, is a former Russian spy who was trained and brainwashed by the Soviet Government. Although she abandoned this position, it’s still understandably a great source of trauma for her.

Given Natasha’s trust issues, it’s adorable to think that she adopted/not-adopted a stray black cat, who always hangs around her. When Natasha first met this cat, he just hung around due to the attention she gave her. When she gave him a name (Liho, which means “misfortune” in Russian) there was no going back. Eventually, she let him inside her house and her heart. Liho loves spending time listening to Natasha as she tells him about her missions.

5/10 Scott Lang Gave Ant-thony His Amazing Name

Scott Lang And Ant-thony In Ant-Man

Originally a thief, Scott Lang became Ant-Man after Hank Pym hired him to steal his suit. Since he first appeared in Ant-Man, he has been acting as a superhero, especially with the help of his pet carpenter ant, Ant-thony, who also doubles as his loyal steed.

Scott selected Ant-thony out of thousands of ants at the Pym residence. In one of the funniest moments in the MCU, he feigns outrage at the fact Pym’s ants don’t have names, only numbers. Scott, then, chooses to baptize him and finally give him subjectivity.

4/10 Old Lace Has a Telepathic Connection With Gert

Runaways Gert and Old Lace

The most cynical member of the Runaways, Gertrude “Gert” Yorkes was raised by two time travelers who belonged to a secret evil society named the Pride. When she and the other Runaways escape from their houses, she only took with her Old Lace, a genetically created female deinonychus with a telepathic connection to her.

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Old Lace can be incredibly savage whenever someone attacks Gert, but when left alone she’s as cute as any domestic animal. In fact, she can feel the emotions of anyone around her, usually serving as emotional support for the whole team.

3/10 Lockheed Is The Red Queen’s Most Loyal Ally

Kitty Pryde in her Shadowcat costume with Lockheed the Dragon

Katherine Pryde, currently known as the Red Queen, is a mutant with the ability to phase through solids. She was one of the youngest X-Men members, but in the present, she’s the leader of the Krakoan Hellfire Trading Company. Since the 80s Kitty has been accompanied by Lockheed, a friendly alien who looks like a small dragon.

Lockheed can be very dangerous due to his abilities, like fire breathing, but he’s one of Kitty’s most loyal allies. There is no information about this, but they seem to be connected telepathically. In fact, she’s one of the few people who can communicate with him.

2/10 Hawkeye Rescued Lucky The Pizza Dog

Kate Bishop and Lucky the Pizza Dog

So far, the Hawkeye mantle has been used by two different superheroes: Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. These two characters have a lot in common: their love for purple, their marksman expertise for the bow, and their love for Lucky the Pizza Dog.

Originally named Arrow, Lucky belonged to the Tracksuit Mafia, but Clint rescued him and renamed him. Since then, he has lived with one of the two archers at a time. Besides being an adorable pet, Lucky is never above joining the fight. In fact, that cost him his eye. He’s called the Pizza Dog because pizza is the only thing he likes to eat.

1/10 Gwenpool’s Mascot, Jeff The Baby Land Shark, Is Incredibly Silly

Picture from It's Jeff!, wherein Gwenpool and her pet Jeffrey the Landshark sit on a couch together.

Gwendolyn Poole was born in a universe where superpowers were only a matter of fiction. Since she was a fangirl, when she ended up in Earth-616, she became a superhero named Gwenpool. When she joined the West Coast Avengers, she adopted Jeff, a baby Land Shark.

Jeff is unarguably one of the most adorable pets in the Marvel Universe. Although he looks mostly like a shark, he has paws, can breathe outside water, and acts like a hyperactive dog, which makes it difficult to fear him. On top of that, in many panels, he can be seen wearing cute pet clothing.

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