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Advice for people giving pets as gifts for the holiday

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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – This time of year a lot of people are adopting pets as gifts for loved ones. While this is an exciting and fun idea, experts are trying to warn it is a long-term commitment.

The President of All Kitty Korner, Lindalee Anderson, said, “This is a commitment for life. I tell people you need to realize this is possibly a 15, 16, or 18-year commitment.”

Anderson explained many animals go through a grieving process when returned.

“We’ve had them returned after five or six years. It’s not unusual for a cat to grieve itself to death because it misses its family,” she said.

Holly Golding is the proud dog mom of “Kylo”. Golding asks people to be responsible when adding a furry friend to their family this holiday season.

Golding also gave a bit of advice as well—especially for people looking for puppies.

“They’re going to chew if it’s a puppy. So make sure your house is puppy-proof if you’re getting a puppy. Mine chews all the time.” said Golding.

Golding also said people should prepare for the messier parts of the job and advises having doggy waste bags on hand at all times.

Lindalee Anderson advised getting to know the animal before bringing them home as well. She said age can play a big factor in knowing the personality of the animal.

Anderson said older animals are easier to predict because their personalities are already developed. However, younger ones can be a roll of the dice.

All Kitty Korner has cat adoptions at the PetSmart near the corner of Cortez and 14th every Saturday and Sunday until 4 P.M.

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