ASB Classic tournament director gives dream tennis tournament

New Auckland tennis event director Nicolas Lamperin gave his thoughts on who would be part of his dream lineup for the ATP 250 event naming Federer, Williams and others.

Nicolas Lamperin has worked in tennis for a long time and he got a chance to be the tournament director of the ASB Classic in Auckland. In a talk with New Zealand media as he prepares to host some big stars in a few weeks, Lamperin shared his thoughts on the ideal tennis line-up at the event if he could pick and choose.

He said:

Serena Williams and Steffi Graf for the women’s. They are
two great champions of the game, had unbelievable careers and won on
every surface, which is really impressive and harder to find these

For the men’s he said:

“On the men’s side, I am fairly young so might forget about some of the older generations, but I’d go with Andre Agassi for sure. He played a huge part in the success of tennis, because of his game and also his personality on and off the court. The other is Roger Federer, for the style, class and level of his tennis. On a good day, he was close to perfection.”

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