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Catherine Zeta-Jones almost gave Michael Douglas a ‘heart attack’

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Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday as she dished on her family life. The Welsh-born actress, who has been married to husband Michael Douglas, 78, for 22 years, secretly flew to France unbeknownst to her other half last month.

The British actress added that her daughter Carys, 19, flew from the East Coast and the actress flew with her son, Dylan, 22, to France.

Once the three came together, they got to the hotel under the cover of the night. When Douglas arrived at his hotel room from work, his family surprised him.

But Michael’s initial reaction scared his wife Catherine.

It comes after Kelly asked: “How’s the family doing though?”

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She added: “He stumbled back and went, ‘Oh my God!’ and started crying.”

Kelly was taken aback by Catherine’s heartwarming story as the actress added that “it was one of those great, great, great moments.”

To that the host expressed, “Oh, I love that. I love a good surprise.”

The Welsh actor, who currently stars as Morticia Addams in Netflix series Wednesday, appeared on Late night with Seth Meyers to discuss her forthcoming role in National Treasure: Edge of History.


During her appearance on the show, Catherine spoke about her recent wedding anniversary, which took place in November.

When the crowd cheered after Seth said the pair had been married for 22 years, Catherine responded: “I know. Can you imagine 22 years? And we have the same birthday. So 25 September is our same birthday.”

She then pointed at the audience, and added while jokingly grimacing: “25 years difference. Not the same day.”

Discussing how they celebrated the anniversary, Zeta-Jones said: “We went off to Morocco. It was absolutely fabulous, actually.”

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