CleanTechnica Reader Survey — Win An eBike!

Complete our 2023 CleanTechnica reader survey for a chance to win an electric bike.


Readers, we love you. Thank you for reading CleanTechnica and sharing our articles with your friends and family. It is because of you that we exist and because of you that we’re moving the needle on climate change solutions. If we had a nickel for every person who’s told us that they did [fill in the climate solution], bought their first [climate saving tech], or find inspiration to continue doing good work as a result of reading our site, well, we wouldn’t need advertising revenue. 🙂

And we’d like to learn more about you — what you’d like us to do more or less of, how you’d like to read/listen/watch our multimedia platform, and how we can continue to serve the greater good.

This year, we’re giving away an e-bike to one lucky winner who fills this survey in (you’ll need to give us your email address at the bottom of the survey to enter, but … that’s it!). See contest rules at the bottom of this post.

So, without further ado, here is our annual reader survey!

If the survey doesn’t display on the page, please click the link below to fill out the survey.

CleanTechnica Reader Survey 2022

Contest rules: One entry per person. No, really, be cool. SurveyMonkey won’t let you anyway, but we will then also draw a random winner and if we find it’s a duplicate (and we have our ways), we will discard that winner and move on to the next. And we won’t even let you know that you won and then lost because you tried to get multiple entries. The contest winner consents to have us use a minimum-500-word written description of their e-bike experience (basically, you’ll be writing a short … or long … article for us, and we maintain final editorial control in case, you know, writing is not your forte and we need to tidy up the grammar :D). That includes 3 or more pictures of the bike and you using the bike — you’re of course welcome to blot out any personally identifying features like your face or a tattoo or whatever. And, naturally, you release us of any liability if you have any issues with the bike, including but not limited to accidents, personal bodily injury, electrocution (possible? most assuredly, probably not, but you know … lawyers), hurting yourself putting it together (yeah, it’ll be shipped to an address you give us and you’ll have to assemble it or pay someone to do that for you), etc., etc., yada, yada. You know, lots can potentially go wrong, but you won’t blame us for anything, and instead you’ll just be super stoked you have won a free e-bike, and hopefully will brand it with a CleanTechnica sticker and tell everyone you know that CleanTechnica is the sh*t. 


CleanTechnica Reader Survey — Win An eBike!


CleanTechnica Reader Survey — Win An eBike!


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CleanTechnica Reader Survey — Win An eBike!

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