Common ‘makeup mistakes that are ageing you’


Makeup is a great way to enhance your natural features and reduce the appearance of others you feel less confident about. However, certain ingrained makeup mistakes could actually be “ageing you” without you realising it.

Cortney Spencer is a fashion and beauty blogger who shares “makeup for dummies” with an audience of 203.3K followers on her TikTok page @cortneyspencer0. She said there are three common “mistakes” which she regularly sees people making.

In a video, Cortney explained some simple changes to your routine which could create a more youthful effect. “The first thing that I see a lot of people doing is still creating this triangle (with concealer or foundation) under the eye,” she said.

“That is way too much product. The skin underneath your eye is some of the fastest ageing skin on your face.”

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“The next mistake I see people do is do the old fish face and then apply contour on that line,” explained Cortney. “What you want to do instead is find your cheekbone and press your contour right on that cheekbone for a lift. If you want to look younger pop it on just below the cheekbone.”

The same rule applies when using blush or cheek tint. Cortney said: “The third mistake that I see people make that ages them is to put their lip and cheek right on the apple of their cheek.

“That is not doing you any favours but if you pop your lip and cheek just above your contour, two finger widths away from your nose and above the bottom of your nose, that is going to give you a lift.”

The video has amassed 263.8K “likes” and 2,613 comments, with some viewers applauding the makeup tips and others disagreeing. Makeup artist Meghan said: “Pro makeup artist here – these tips don’t age everyone. There’s no one size fits or doesn’t fit all in makeup.”

Melanie Landolo added: “[I’m a] pro makeup artist as well and I 1,000,000 percent agree with you. These are trends, not tips per se. No negativity but please know your own face and eye shape.” [SIC]

Despite this, an anonymous user commended the tips and said they had found them helpful. In a comment, they wrote: “Amateur makeup user here. I greatly benefited from this post and I’m glad she made it.”


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