Cruise guest moans about nightmare passengers – ‘terrible’

A cruise guest took to Reddit to share their rant about some particularly awful fellow passengers. They had joined a cruise in the USA with their daughter.

They wrote: “This was over spring break and I never considered the possibility of the cruise being 50 percent full of kids from just about every major university in the south.

“It was pure chaos. Extreme drunkenness, puking everywhere, pot smoking in cabins up and down our hallway.

“Terrible behaviour in just about every venue, bar, hallway late at night, elevators, balconies etc.

“I am all for having a good time but this was out of control. The ship’s crew tried to tone it down the first few days but it was a never ending battle they couldn’t win and I think they just gave up.”

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Another person added: “Was on a spring break cruise. Those three day cruises get out of control.

“We just laughed at the fun the kids were having. One group was upset that their booze was confiscated from their checked luggage.

“They couldn’t figure out how they knew. We had to explain X-Ray to them.”

Although some cruise lines will allow passengers to bring a couple of bottles of wine to drink in their cabin, that’s usually the limit when it comes to alcohol.

Extra alcohol will be confiscated and returned to passengers at the end of voyage, including any purchased at ports.


Spring break in the USA is usually a time for college students to let loose and party during the Easter holidays.

British tourists might want to avoid booking a cruise in the USA during that period as things could get out of control.

However, the majority of “Spring Break” cruises will be advertised as such so guests can avoid booking. 

Another passenger shared their own nightmare cruise experience, however this time it wasn’t ruined by other guests.

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The guest said their rocky experience hadn’t put them off cruising but said they would never book an interior cabin again.

Interior cabins are usually the cheapest rooms but guests could feel claustrophobic or seasick.

Sometimes seasickness can be alleviated by watching the horizon which won’t be possible in an interior cabin.

A balcony cabin will allow guests to get fresh air which may help them cope with any seasickness.

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