Drivers can use one button to defrost windscreen wipers

Motoring experts are urging drivers to use a simple tip to defrost windscreen wipers on frosty mornings. However, they stress that motorists should leave plenty of time as it will not be an “instant process”.


Experts at Wrench said: “First, you need to relax and take a deep breath. The defrosting process will not be instant and you need to fit the urge to rip your windshield wipers away from the ice because this could damage them.

“To safely defrost your windshield wipers, get inside your car, turn it on, and hit the windshield defroster button.

“This will get the ice to melt, but it isn’t an instant process. Just be sure not to turn on the windshield wipers as you might damage them if they are still stuck in the ice.

“While you could sit there and wait for about 20 minutes, we know you might not have that much time.

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“You try using vinegar and water, pickle juice, or vodka and water. You just want to make sure that you thoroughly rinse off your windshield and wipers to make sure that none of the mixtures linger because some of the salt or other components might damage your car.

“If you make your own defrosting solution, you just need to be a little extra careful.”

The experts also warned drivers about what not to do when defrosting cars to prevent possible damage.

Don’t pour hot water on the windshield

Pouring hot water on a frozen windshield might cause the glass to crack. In this situation, it’s better to be patient and wait for your windshield to defrost rather than have to deal with a full windshield replacement.

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Park the car inside the garage

The experts said: “It goes without saying, but parking your car in a covered area away from the snow and moisture will be the best way to prevent this problem. If possible, we recommend parking your car inside a garage, but we also know that this isn’t always possible.”

Cover the windshield overnight

The experts said: “You can also try covering your windshield with a variety of things like cloth, pieces of carpet, or even cardboard. Just simply covering your windshield and keeping the snow off of it will help drastically.”

Put socks on the windshield wipers

The experts said: “To protect your windshield wipers from the ice, cover both wipers in long sock and keep them sticking up over night. The socks might freeze, but keeping them up will help protect them.”

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