Drivers warned of sleeping cat danger this winter

Motoring experts at are warning car owners to be vigilant before heading off as cats may be found sleeping under vehicles on winter mornings. The experts say drivers should check around their cars in the morning as cats may be sheltering from the frost underneath the vehicle or even in the wheel arch above the tyres.

A sleeping cat could be seriously injured or even killed if a car pulls away before they have had a chance to flee.

Each year thousands of cats are killed and injured on UK roads and the experts say many of them may have been sheltering against the cold under vehicles.

With winter approaching and Britain braced for months of brutal weather all car owners are being asked to be on the lookout for pets before they get behind the wheel.

It is not only cat-owning motorists who should be on the lookout, according to the experts, as pets don’t only target their owner’s cars for shelter.

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The weather also has a massive impact on how motorists should drive over the winter time. Drivers are encouraged to check the forecast before setting off to avoid driving in any adverse conditions – and be prepared to cancel or amend plans if the weather is too dangerous to drive in.

The Highway Code says drivers should not travel in snowy and icy conditions unless the journey is essential, and before setting off drivers must be able to see.

Drivers should also clear all snow and ice from all of the windows and keep them demisted, ensure mirrors are clear, the number plate is visible and lights are fully functioning.

On top of that, breaking down in the winter can be very dangerous, because of the extreme weather and darkness.

It’s a good idea to pack an emergency breakdown kit in the car just in case any accidents happen.

Drivers are encouraged to pack a foil blanket, spare clothes and shoes to keep warm. Food, water and a phone charger are also good essentials to pack.

A torch, jump leads, shovel and de-icer are again good emergency breakdown kit ideas for winter.

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