Gas prices fall under $3 at some Southwest Florida gas stations

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Lowered gas prices in time for the holidays is music to a lot of drivers’ ears.

You may have noticed that dip in regular gas prices from weeks and even months pass like at the Wawa along Colonial Boulevard. Gas is now below three dollars.

“That’s awesome. I don’t remember the last time that happened. I feel like it was probably like 20 years ago at this point,” Jessica Koshiol, Wawa customer said. “To see anything under $3 is just crazy.”

Dr. Victor Claar, FGCU Associate Professor of Economics, says like a lot of things in economics there’s not a single thing you can point to that’s driving down gas prices, but the demand is one of them.

“One is there has been some difficulty with West Coast refineries for a while and those refineries were driving up gas prices nation wide,” Claar said.“Another big change is we started to get used to high prices and so overtime if you see high prices for gas for a period that’s long enough you start to make changes in your life. So you drive less. You plan trips a little more carefully.”

Koshiol says she’s happy to see lower gas prices especially right in time for the holidays. 

“It’s nice. Hopefully, more families can go and see their loved ones this Christmas knowing that they don’t have to worry about the price of gas.”

Claar also says lower gas prices are something we can get used to seeing as we fill up at the pump. 

“The good news is even if there’s a surge in demand as we get closer to travel time around Christmas and New Years prices have fallen so much that even if they tie a little because of that short term increase in demand they aren’t going to rise to the prices that we were seeing earlier this year that everybody was hating.” 

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