How to Watch the Highly-Anticipated ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff ‘1923’

The next installment of the Yellowstone universe is almost here, and before you settle in to watch the Dutton family navigate the Great Depression, you’ll need a bit more information about the new Taylor Sheridan series.

1923 stars some major Hollywood heavy-hitters, including Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford, and Timothy Dutton. Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, James Badge Dale, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, and Jerome Flynn round out the star-studded cast.

Here’s what Paramount+ says about the show’s premise: “1923 focuses on the Dutton family’s next two generations as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and Prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; all battled beneath the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade.”

But the one thing you really need to know before you get started is how to watch this new show when it premiers on December 18.

How to Watch 1923

Streaming Yellowstone and its spinoffs can cause a bit of confusion. Yellowstone airs exclusively on the cable channel Paramount Network, and seasons one through four stream on Peacock. The spinoffs, including 1883 and 1923, air exclusively on the Paramount+ streaming service, which is not the same as the Paramount Network app (the Paramount Network app requires a cable service login).

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There is one exception. The first episode will of 1923 will stream on Paramount+, but that episode will also air on Paramount Network immediately following a new episode of Yellowstone, as a special simulcast event. The remaining episodes will air exclusively on Paramount+.

If you’re not a Paramount+ subscriber, now’s the time to sign up. The streaming service is offering a 50% discount on annual subscriptions through January 2, 2023. Paramount+ also offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers.

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