Lottie Tomlinson wants more children with boyfriend Lewis Burton

Lottie said of her involvement: “My beautiful mum was a proud mother to her seven children and worked as a midwife for 14 years. She was passionate about helping and caring for people. She loved life and raising her children and helping others bring theirs into the world. She showed so much strength and bravery right until the end.

“Family meals are always hard because it reminds you that that special someone isn’t there.

“Seeing an empty chair around the table really hits home that they’re not there. In my family we find raising a glass to that person has helped us, to celebrate and remember them.”

She went on to say the family still feel her mum and sister’s presence, adding keeping their memory alive is important. 

“And then doing work like this keeps me close to them because I have to talk about them and talk about my experiences, so it’s good to be able to do that,” she concluded. 

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