Morocco fans clash with Paris riot police after World Cup win

Morocco fans have clashed with riot police in Paris after the African nation advanced to the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar with a 1-0 win against Portugal. Footage uploaded to social media appears to show tensions running high in the French capital. Police officers, who can be seen carrying shields, were dealing with the crowds, as flames soared into the skies of the French capital from a motorcycle.

They were seen chanting, waving flags and honking their horns.

French fans joined the crowds after Olivier Giroud headed Les Bleus to a 2-1 victory against England.

Around 20,000 fans in total from both teams had gathered on the historic landmark in Paris to celebrate their team’s victories.

According to Reuters, people were seen smashing shop ventures and fighting with police.

All eyes are now on next Wednesday’s match, which will see France take on Morocco for a place in the World Cup final.

Morocco’s deserved win over Portugal sparked scenes of jubilation across Africa and the Arab world.

Thousands were seen celebrating into the night in the besieged Gaza Strip, with many of those gathered saying the historic result was a win for “all Arab nations”.

Elated Moroccan fans also brought Edgware Road in London to a standstill in celebrations after the match. 

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