The best country in the world for British expats is ‘excellent’

According to research from Easy Offices, around 44 percent of the world’s workforce feel stressed. Where will British expats find the best work-life balance?

Denmark was ranked the best country in the world for work-life balance. The team looked at the average weekly hours, paid leave, average income, paid maternity and paternity and work and life satisfaction.

The team said: “Danes pride themselves on maintaining an excellent work-life balance, and overworking is generally discouraged.

“With a typical work week of around 34 hours and office days regularly ending at 4pm, people in Denmark have more time to devote to personal and family time.

“Reports also show that because of the shorter work weeks, better balance and more support, 72 percent of Danish women have paid jobs, compared to the global average of 59 percent.”


The majority of expats choose to live in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, which is also one of Europe’s least polluted cities.

Housing and essentials are fairly expensive in Copenhagen but expats often enjoy a high salary to match.

Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, is another popular destination and a centre for arts and culture.

Austria claimed second place on the list and residents have an average working week of just 34 hours.

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Austria also has 13 public holidays, while some states have even more. There are three national holidays in June.

Finland took third place in the rankings and has one of the world’s most flexible working schedules.

The country’s Working Hours Act gives people the right to adjust their start and finish times by three hours.

This gives Finland’s residents the chance to work flexibly and fit their working hours around their lifestyle.

Some Britons might be surprised to see the UK make the list, in ninth place. Britons work an average of 36 hours in the UK.

Britons are entitled to 28 days paid leave including public holidays, which is far fewer than Luxembourg where residents get 37.

However, US citizens might be envious of the UK’s entitlement as their holiday allowance is notoriously low.

The number of paid holiday days varies from employer to employer in the USA but workers receive just 10 days per year on average.

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