The UK’s most dangerous and safest roads to drive on during

Don’t drink and drive

As obvious as it may seem, drinking under the influence of alcohol can massively increase the chances of an accident. Even a small amount can slow reaction times and impair driving skills.

Although it varies from person to person, as a general rule, two pints of regular strength lager or two glasses of wine will put drivers over the limit. The safest bet, however, is not to drink at all. Driving under the influence could land motorists a hefty fine, a driving ban or a prison sentence.

Don’t drive tired

“Drowsy driving” is considered dangerous driving, as motorists are below the minimum standard expected of a competent driver.

Although they may be keen to get home, starting a long journey after work or early in the morning may increase the chances of becoming tired at the wheel. If drivers feel tired while driving, they should stop and take a break at the nearest safe place.

Do not stop on the motorway. Take a short nap if needed, and drink two cups of coffee. It’s also important to stay hydrated on a long journey.

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