Travel expert shares reason they never travel without a plunger

Lamia Walker, the founder and CEO of, shared some of her packing tips with The adventurous traveller explores the world while house sitting and pet sitting.

Lamia told she always packs a plunger before heading off on a European holiday.

She said: “Many of the homes and countries I visit are rather traditional, with ancient plumbing.

“You would be surprised by how often a plunger comes in useful!”

British tourists might be shocked but if they are staying in an older villa in some parts of Europe, they may find a plunger is a necessity.

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In Greece, tourists are often advised not to put toilet paper down the loo and a bin will be provided instead.

Greek sewage pipes are usually only around 50mm in diameter when British pipes are usually twice as large.

This means that toilet paper could easily cause an unpleasant blockage in a Greek toilet.

Britons may also find this is the case in other parts of Europe where the plumbing system is a little older than in the UK.


Lamia added: “If you are travelling in Europe you are bound to find a supermarket somewhere that sells wonderful local produce and especially wine.

“Impromptu picnics are the habit of an international housesitter, and a corkscrew is ever so useful so you can enjoy the picnic and the beautiful scenery.”

While some holiday properties might offer guests a corkscrew, it’s not something that’s always included.

Many bottles will require a corkscrew so if British tourists want to enjoy a nice bottle of wine, it’s a great idea to pack one.

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Sadly, British tourists won’t be able to pack a corkscrew in their hand luggage for security reasons.

If Britons are travelling with hold luggage, they will be able to put the corkscrew in their larger bag.

For tourists travelling light, corkscrews can be purchased at most major European supermarkets in an emergency.

Lamia also shared why she loves housesitting holidays and said it’s one of the safest ways to travel.

She said: “Housesitting is a safe way to travel whether you are with your family or indeed a single person on their own.

“You are staying at the homeowner host’s house or apartment in a safe environment, usually you have been introduced to friendly neighbours and your role as guest is to stay in the home and care for their pets and property.

“Often the homeowner before they leave will give you a tour of the local attractions, places to visit while you are in residence.

“They usually show you where the best local markets, cafes and vistas are to be had. And all the time you have the company of their family pets. What a treat!”

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