Good Morning Britain viewers blast ‘insensitive’ NHS reporting

Good Morning Britain dedicated the entire three-hour episode on Monday to taking a deeper look into what is happening in urgent care as NHS staff plan to strike. Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley were sat in the middle of the reception area to discuss the increase in the number of people going to the hospital since before the pandemic.

Despite highlighting the issues which surround the NHS and the way the staff are overworked, viewers were disappointed they were doing it live from a hospital.

Taking to their Twitter accounts to express their annoyance, @MacScotland4 fumed: “Live from a hospital reception.

“Is this a ‘Don’t Panic’ optic? Seems tone deaf & rude to be debating nurses going on strike in front of nurses at work 6am.”

@Steve_Bee21 added: “Well this is a strange and awkward watch.. surely they could just be in the studio #GMB.”

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The presenters were also joined by ITV doctors Amir Khan and Hilary Jones to discuss the rise in hospital admissions since the coronavirus pandemic.

Richard asked: “How different is it in terms of the sheer business, compared to the busiest day that you might remember when you were training here?”

Amir explained: “Well it was still very busy back then, this was 2004 that I was here, but it is different now because the pressure is on the staff very differently.

“The staffing numbers are different, not specific to this hospital but I don’t think there were that many vacancies within the NHS.”

Richard added: “Why do you think the numbers of admissions are up by 20 percent? The number of people coming to the hospital since before the pandemic, what has happened?”

Hilary said: “A lot of people were reluctant to go to clinics and see their GPs during the pandemic, they thought the GPs were busy enough with COVID-19.

“Also, it was difficult getting appointments. People just delayed going to see the GP, so there were less referrals to hospitals.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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