KISSIN’ KUZZINS: Brisket, auction on menu for genealogical

Dickie Dixon, president of the Angelina County Genealogical Society, will cook 13 pounds of brisket for the Impromptu Auction and Christmas Dinner at 2 p.m. Monday at Central Church of Christ, right next door to the Pitser Garrison Convention Center on North First Street.

Members of the Society and guests will bring sides. Three restrictions need to be considered for those preparing the food/sides: (1) At least one one of our members requires gluten-free food. (2) At least one of our members is a diabetic; if you’re preparing a dessert, consider using sugar-free ingredients. (3) One of our members is allergic to onions; eating food prepared with onions could send her to the hospital.

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To submit an item to this column or for more information about any of the events, email, call (936) 671-1419 or send it by mail to Kissin’ Kuzzins P. O. Box 151001 Lufkin Texas 75915-1001.

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