RAC issues urgent warning to motorists driving today


“In a manual car, start in second gear instead of first, as this will give you more control. In an automatic, check your car’s manual to see if they have the recommended winter driving gear.

“Remember that not all ice is visible to the naked eye. In these conditions act like there could be black ice all around.”

Take more time to get your car ready

Mr Brooker said: “Don’t start driving until you have good visibility out of your windshield and have cleared your car of ice and snow.

“This might just take you blasting the air conditioning for a while to demist the windshield. Or it might require you to get out a scraper and get any snow and ice off. Avoid introducing a huge amount of heat suddenly to frozen windows with boiling water as this could crack the glass.

“While out of the car, make sure there isn’t any snow on the roof, as this could fall down and obscure your vision while driving.”


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