Seahawks surprise 9-year-old boy who was hurt during road rage

Seahawks surprise 9-year-old boy who was hurt during road rage

9-year-old Isaiah Johns has dreams of playing in the NFL someday, and he got a special moment Sunday courtesy of his local team.

SEATTLE, Wash. — Before kickoff at Sunday’s Seahawks home game, 9-year-old Isaiah Johns stood on the sideline patiently waiting for a glimpse of his favorite player, DK Metcalf. 

Johns was wearing Metcalf’s jersey and came to the game with his family and best friend. Sunday’s adventure to the game was different for Isaiah, because he had no idea how many surprises the Seahawks had planned for him. 

Johns was recently hurt during a road rage shooting in Renton. He was shot multiple times in the chest and face by someone in a stolen vehicle. 

Last month, Johns’ family and friends welcomed him home from the hospital and nearly a month after the shooting, he was cheering on his favorite team, the Seahawks. 

“He’s doing really good given the circumstances. He seems like normal, like a normal kid again. He’s doing half days back at school now,” said Shakira De La Cruz, Johns’ mother. 

Before the game, Seahawks mascot Blitz surprised Johns with an autographed football and the NFL referee came over to get some help from Johns to review a play. 

“It means a lot because they do stuff for me and they give me passes,” Johns said. 

“It’s pretty amazing. I’m thankful for what they’ve done and watching him be super happy here is all we can ask for,” De La Cruz said. “He’s going to be talking about this forever.”

Johns is quite the football star himself, and he hopes to someday play in the NFL and for the Seattle Seahawks. 

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