‘Stock up’ Cruise expert shares essential items to pack


Yasmin Pekel, owner of Blue Cruise, shared her essential packing items. She advised passengers to “cut down on costs” by bringing some items themselves.

Yasmin said: “If you’ve gone for an all-inclusive option, you can ignore this. But, if you’ve selected a drinks package, or no package at all, bringing some of your own drinks is a great way to cut down on costs.

“As cruises often mark up items up quite drastically, stocking up in advance is always recommended, especially for necessities like water.

“You should note that some cruises have limitations on what you are allowed to bring, so make sure to check these before packing any items.”

Many cruise lines will let passengers bring some alcohol onboard but this is usually strictly limited.

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Guests may be able to bring a couple of bottles of wine, or the equivalent of beer, to drink in their cabin.

The cruise line will check bags when passengers board and may confiscate any extra alcohol.

Guests can buy alcohol at any of the destinations they visit, but this will usually be confiscated and returned at the end of the holiday.

Yasmin added: “You should also ensure to stock up on toiletries before boarding. While it’s convenient to purchase them when you arrive, it is far more expensive.


“Items quickly add up too, especially when you need to add items like suncream, painkillers, aftersun, bug spray and more.”

Although the majority of cruise ships will sell toiletries in their shop, it could be far more expensive for passengers.

If guests are departing from the UK, they won’t need to worry about liquid limitations on a cruise holiday.

Cruise ships don’t have the same liquid rules as airports and passengers won’t be limited on toiletries.

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If Britons are flying to another country to begin their cruise, they could always stop at a supermarket before the port.

Tourists can also do a Click and Collect order for toiletries at the airport and pick them up at duty free after their cruise.

Yasmin added: “Some of the ports visited on your cruise ship may also be expensive, so planning ahead is the best way to be prepared.

“Budgeting additionally allows you to have spare cash in the case of any emergencies, which while unlikely, you should always accommodate for.”

Some cruise destinations are very expensive and guests should be particularly careful around the port.

Restaurants, cafes or souvenir shops around the port will usually be targeted at cruise tourists.

This means they are often far more expensive than other venues and cruise guests may be overcharged.

Passengers could search for things to do in their destination before leaving or ask for advice on the best spots.


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