The Spider-Man Movies Vs. The Batman Movies: Which Hero Has The

Listen, this isn’t a Marvel or a DC thing. I’m way beyond that. In fact, I don’t even consider the Spider-Man movies or the Batman movies as being distinctly Marvel or DC-related anyway. They’re both bigger than that. So, instead of focusing on the characters themselves or the imprints they’ve spawned from, I’m instead focusing on the films that they’ve starred in, because I think it’s safe to say that both costumed characters have been in movies that have defined generations.  

Now, our very own Sean O’Connell—who wrote a spectacular book about Spider-Man’s cinematic legacy (opens in new tab), by the way—already ranked all the Spider-Man movies, and I ranked the Batman movies, so, if you want to know the best films in each of those series, then check those out. But, given that Batman and Spider-Man are inarguably the biggest heroes at the box office, I wanted to determine just which character has the better movies of the two. Pow! Or, should I say, Thwip!       

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

First Major Modern Movie 

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