Train chaos as Britons urged not to travel after major snowfall

Southeastern has said most of their routes are closed and are warning travellings “do not attempt to travel this morning”. The railway company has also said that ice is preventing trains from travelling, and no metro services will be available until 7am. 

On Twitter, the Southeastern Railway said: “Because of the ongoing severe disruption on the network, please DO NOT TRAVEL this morning.

“Early morning services are being cancelled because of snow and ice on the track and we will not be able to provide a replacement bus service because of road conditions.”

Hasting, Medway, Sheerness’s rail line will be suspended until midday, but the railway is still currently updating its announcements and has warned people not to travel Monday morning due to major disruption.

Southeastern Railway said there are to be no trains from, Woolwich, Sidcup, Drive Park and Bexleyheath until around 7am and none from Hayes and Grove Park until “at least” 10am.

There has been a major disruption for all Southern rail services that run between Eastbourne and London Victoria.

Trains are being delayed as ice is preventing electricity from getting electricity, making it dangerous to travel.

Southern rail service has said ice is “preventing trains from getting electricity from the third rail lines between Lewes and Seaford/Eastbourne/Hastings” and said all their rail lines are expected to be disrupted.

They added: “Trains running to/from these stations may be cancelled or delayed by up to 60 minutes.”

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The Met Office has advised everyone travelling on Monday morning to check for the latest information before going out and to expect delays and suspensions.

On Sunday evening, temperatures dropped as low as -12C in England, while Scotland faced temperatures of -15C.

The AA has advised motorists to be cautious and adjust their driving due to the freezing conditions.

Sean Sidley from the AA said: “On a frosty morning, hazards like black ice can prove lethal if you don’t adjust your speed and driving style in colder weather.”

He said drivers should leave space for other cars, allow extra time for journeys, take note of warning lights from other cars and make sure to dress in warm, waterproof clothing.

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