We looks the future of hit BBC reality series The Traitors

All of the contestants will be hoping to raise the prize cash fund through another series of tasks as they have to band together as a team.

However, amid the camaraderie, the Traitors will be murdering someone each night as the contestants choose to banish another person whom they suspect might be doing the killing.

As the show has gone on, it’s clear the paranoia is mounting with the Faithfuls only just managing to get rid of their first Traitor recently.

Whether the Faithfuls can find the rest of the Traitors remains to be seen but unless they change their tactics, it looks like they will be leaving the castle empty-handed.

Here is a list of the remaining episodes of The Traitors:

  • Episode 7. Tuesday, December 13
  • Episode 8. Thursday, December 15
  • Episode 9. Friday, December 16
  • Episode 10. Tuesday, December 20
  • Episode 11. Wednesday, December 21
  • Episode 12. Thursday, December 22

The Traitors continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 9pm

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